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By itself an object inevitable, clear tribute to “The Eye of the Tiger” (auto) biography of Stefano Sorrentino: the mask by Tiger man is in bed when you wake up, on the balcony of Romeo and Juliet, the Arena and the Bentegodi stadium. The challenge? Make her wear even at number one of the Chievo, along with a special shirt … The commemorative jersey Except prepared by Stefano Sorrentino.

GIFTS AND TEARS – The meeting, thanks to all the mediations undertaken by the social media manager of the goalkeeper, Max Sardella, is planned after Chievo-Juventus and as expected, despite the defeat, Sorrentino comes timely appointment. Among many journalists, Higuain who gives interviews and Buffon ready to celebrate 40, stands a boy who already wears jersey number 1. Unless, bright eyes, melts in a pure joy cried when Sorrentino hugs and jokes: “I should I was the one who cries after the defeat … “, before wearing the now famous mask.

To his friend-fan Sorrentino gives his jersey and autographed the Tiger gloves – those #incampoconste initiative – while Salvo returns (surprise!) With a jersey inspired by the mythical Ed Warner Holly and Benji. TALE SOCIAL – In a year that began with the case, the excuses and the penalty to Radja Nainggolan after direct Instagram New Year and continued with the deal Santon, forced to close its profile after the rain of insults received for the mistake Inter-Roma, tell a similar story is like writing a story to the social football times. “The great merit is to Sorrentino – Sardella explains, the social media manager of players (Florenzi, Ciciretti, Pisacane …) – who always shows great availability, like Chievo, thus raising the relationship with her fans, soared 22 to 66 thousand only on Instagram. ” The last is certainly Except that the encounter with the goalkeeper has decided to reshape his life as a “before” and “after” Sorrentino.

It is to believe, judging from the birthday cake. “It was the greatest gift I could receive. I am one of the comments on Facebook, do not use the calcium nor the company to offend. This story is an illustration, do as I do.” From our correspondent Claudio Lenzi  @ clenzi82

August 17, 2018 – Milan Roberto Soriano, midfielder Torino on loan from Villarreal. LaPresse At 48 hours after the home match with Roma, the Torino coach Walter Mazzarri has scored two major blows optic Europe. Besides the Ivorian defender Ji-ji, on loan from Nantes, comes Roberto Soriano.

The former Sampdoria midfielder returns to Italy after two seasons at Villarreal with the loan sale formula (1 million) with the right of redemption (14 million, linked to a number of appearances), for an operation that total reaches 15 million EUR. Player eclectic, very fast and flexible tactically, Soriano was preferred to Henry Uche Agbo, 22, of Standard Liege midfielder, very physical and solid for some time in the Toro viewfinder.

Welcome, #Soriano? #SFT #Toro #Torino – Torino Football Club (@ TorinoFC_1906) August 17, 2018 return – Born in Darmstadt, Germany, to Italian parents, Soriano wanted to return for some time. The main obstacle to the deal with Villarreal was represented by the “salary cap” the club grenade, lower than the assignment higher (2 million net per season) that Soriano felt in Spain. Gasport

December 30, 2018 – Milan Ciro Immobile, Lazio striker, Getty One year in the name of Ciro Immobile. Nobody has marked as the bomber of Lazio in Serie A in 2018: 23 times. A clean record, with two lengths ahead of Icardi, with which the striker Inzaghi has shared the top of the scorers at the end of last season (29 goals).

Ten goals scored this season of A: one more than Icardi and four in less than top scorer Cristiano Ronaldo. The triumph of Building in personnel records wake of last season: 42 goals (29 in the league, two decisive for the victory in the Super Cup, 8 in Europe League and two in the Italian Cup). In biancoceleste it rose to a total of 78 goals in 111 matches: sixth place in the ranking of all time.

He opened the year with four goals in the away match against Spal of January 6, he was aiming to close 2018 giving a winning goal in the match against Torino. But yesterday the striker Inzaghi, who came to England in the summer of 2016, has remained dry for the fourth game in a row: his record of goals in the calendar year of A was not, however, attacked by Icardi, which in turn does not It hits the trip to Empoli.

Lazio-Torino, Inzaghi: “clear errors by the” next targets – Now Building tip immediately aims to recovery. In Biancocelesti, the start of the new year has always been favorable. Not only poker to Spal 2018, but also the goal of 2017 in successes against Crotone and Atalanta besides that against Genoa in the Italian Cup.

Future concerts of Lazio (Monday, January 7 the resumption of training in Formello) are in the Italian Cup against Novara (January 12th at the Olimpico) and Naples (20, to the resumption of the championship): two important milestones in the Biancocelesti season already whet the king of the Biancocelesti goal. GREETINGS DOC – Meanwhile, Ciro Immobile always moves more social way. Not only to convey his emotions with the shirt 1xbet android of Lazio.

So yesterday, through the Army profile Italian, it was released a video of his wishes to all the armed forces. “Hats off to the boys of the Italian Army, happy holidays to them and their families. A hug”, his words spoken from the heart. So building knows to score not only on the green rectangle. Nicola Berardino

February 21, 2018 – PyeongChang PyeongChang, Sofia Goggia: from gold medal downhill sofia goggia Italy come home with the gold medal around his neck. It is attacked by the media: “It was 24 hours of adrenaline, in fact I have not taken part in the combined. I so wanted a little ‘tired a bit’ for the little slalom training, a little ‘because I came out of the ache that I think are psychosomatic.

Since my goals in the Cup are still big, I decided not to go to risk a descent in which you are not completely on the workpiece. Last night I slept two to four. This morning I took the gondola, I climbed up the mountain and I started to meditate, to give thanks.

I gave a little ‘of romance to this coin. I whatsapp clogged, wrote to me everyone, even celebrities such as Fiorello, Paltrinieri, sayings, the Pilgrims, a few players. But the gold medal is not life-changing, in the end I am always.

It is simply an added bonus. The first teacher wrote me a letter, remember when I was eight and I told him that one day I would win the gold medal in downhill. It was a vision, today the dream has come true.

In between are thousands of ingredients, joys and sorrows, won races and accidents, falls and shooting. Eventually the cake came good. But this is only one leg of my journey. ” I’m not Giant .. I am FREE. ? A post shared by sofia goggia (@iamsofiagoggia) on: February 22, 2018 at 8:15 PT President – I even said to the President Mattarella phoning to congratulate and invites the Quirinale: “Bravissima, says the president of the Republic – look at the Quirinale. ” “Sometimes the guesses, too,” replication Goggia. “For every athlete to win gold in the Olympics is the ultimate expression of the sport – says Sofia Goggia the invitation by the President of the Republic – but keep in mind that I have not finished the season I still have the World Cup that I care particularly . “” Then to maiora “the greeting of Mattarella, in which the blue responded with the same hope” for maiora, President. “PyeongChang 2018, Goggia:” I always believed I can do.

This is the world of Sofia ” “here last year I found a ski maturity that I missed. This year I won the Olympics. my consecration was here in Korea. And ‘the third women’s medal, but it is also the third Lombard medal. mine is the story of a girl who has always believed, motivated by a great passion. it’s just the world of Sofia.

During the descent was very focused, I never had a physical and mental presence of that kind. I wanted to be the best Sofia possible . And so He was. “PyeongChang: Sofia Goggia, embrace the Mowinckel second to 9/100. And then … From our correspondent Simone Battaggia  @ sbattaggia

January 26, 2018 – MILAN It’s official the transfer of Nikola Maksimovic at Spartak Moscow.

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